Finshed Images

MAY 29, 2014

This was, above all, a community based project. Many, many thanks to all the volunteers and artifact contributors who helped this project along in so many ways. Thanks to the jury for trusting me to produce what I proposed.

Special thanks to:
Michael Wennberg, Peter Buckland, Harold Wright, Lisa Hrabluk, Marc Doucet and Mark Kincade and their crew, Dan Estabrooks, Greg Marquis at UNBSJ for his guidance in working out an historical timeframe, David Black at UNB Fredericton, Jamie Brown, Peter de Graaf, Andrew Giffin, Joe Cernan, Kelly O’Neil, Sarah Sackville Ebanks, Phil Oulete, Bernie Cormier, Karen Hine for giving me access to the Fundy Park visitor Centre wildlife collection, Don McAlpine and the NB Museum, the Maliseet Advisory Committee on Archaeology and most of all my amazing and patient wife, Beth Powning, son Jake Powning and his wife Sara Powning.