The sculpture SHARDS of TIME is based on the immensely rich historical and archaeological heritage of the area as well as its position along the harbour, where the Saint John River meets the Bay of Fundy and inhabitants have congregated over millennia.

The concept uses the form of an ancient artifact to represent the depth of time that humans have been present in this vicinity – “Paleo-Indian” peoples inhabited these shores as long as 11, 000 years ago. Artifacts found near this site may date from that period. Shards of Time represents a fragmented, reconstructed vessel form (e.g. bowl shape) emerging from the ground like a half-exposed archaeological find. The bronze relief of the various shards of the partially reassembled vessel was created using actual impressions of objects from the material cultures of past inhabitants up to the modern era – from stone tools to cell phones. The shards wrap around the vessel shape creating a timeline starting before the human era to the contemporary.

It is 10' high x 19' wide x 12' deep. Materials: Pigmented and stained concrete, cast bronze. Installed 2013-2014. Unveiled June 2014.

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